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Tranqwil Siatsu Foot Massager

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The Power of Relaxation when using the Tranqwil foot massager The M1 Shiatsu Foot Massager is bliss laid at your feet. The versatile, full-coverage M1 foot massager offers 3 unique massage modes, multiple customizable intensity & vibration levels, and a luxurious heating function, helping you take a load off your feet as you’ve never thought possible. Adjustable Air Compression surrounds your feet with perfect pressure — stimulating healthy blood flow, releasing endorphins, and making you feel like you're walking on clouds. A foot massage sends messages to your whole body to relax. Reflexology helps correct imbalances in the body by stimulating specific areas of your feet. And proper and targeted stimulation of the feet can ease tension all over your body, especially your legs and lower back. A foot massage is a great way to take care of someone special and help them relax after a long day. Plus, foot massages can also help to relieve issues like headaches, insomnia, stress, muscle tension, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and more. With all that pressure, your feet need a lot of care to keep them comfortable. They get sore and tired. They get stiff and tense. That’s where a foot massage comes in.
  • Full-coverage, 360° Deep Tissue Kneading - With 360 degrees of deep kneading massage, the M1 Corded Electric Foot Massager is ready to bring deep comfort to every part of your feet.
  • 3 massage modes: Shiatsu, Compression, and The Works - Whether you crave a shiatsu massage, air compression, or a combo of the two, you can choose from three distinct modes to get just the right massage for you.
  • 9 Intensity levels - Levels 1 through 9 - No two feet are alike. That’s why the M1 Foot Massager offers 9 intensity levels, so you can get the perfect power for your massage.
  • 3 vibration levels - Light, Medium, Heavy - From relieving built-up tension to soothing tired feet, the M1 Foot Massager’s choice of 3 vibration levels gives you the power you need for total foot relaxation.
  • Switchable Heat - No one likes cold feet. That’s why the M1 Foot Massager offers a luxurious heating function to keep your feet cozy at any temperature.