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Tea Forte

Purify Organic Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

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A mellow yet juicy citrus-forward blend with purifying mate and dandelion root.
About Purify
Tea Type: Herbal Tea

From culinary indulgences to environmental factors, the digestive system can be subjected to a great deal of stress. To support the body's ability to purify itself, Tea Forté's Purify offers a blend of yerba mate, dandelion root, fennel, and ginger, resulting in a mellow herbal tisane to aid digestion and gently assist the liver. Perfect on its own or as an after-dinner drink, it's a pleasant elixir ideal for incorporating into a health-forward nutritional routine.

Tasting Notes

  • Flavor: Citrus notes with a light sweetness, spice, and lightly minty fennel.
  • Aroma: Pleasant citrus with mellow and herby mint.
  • Color: Orange peel
Note: While this tea is herbal, it does contain a very small amount of caffeine that naturally occurs in the yerba maté (1-10 mg per serving).
Each 100% recyclable canister contains approximately 35-50 servings.