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Oxford Medical Instruments

OMI PEMF Medallion

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EMF pollution is everywhere - in buildings and outside as well. It is constantly produced by high voltage power lines, telecommunication networks, Wi-Fi devices, microwave ovens, televisions and cell phones. The negative effects of EMF can cause eyestrain, headaches, inability to concentrate, neck aches, irritability, depression, memory loss and a weakened immune system. See World Health Organization's site for more information about the effects of EMF.

Scientists suspect that certain illnesses are caused at least partially by the cumulative burden of constant and higher level of EMF exposures. Daily use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device helps significantly offset and neutralize the negative effects of harmful magnetic fields. Use a personal EMF neutralizer multiple times daily to protect yourself from EMF pollution.

Portable Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device to effectively neutralize harmful EMF signals

the OMI PEMF medallion actively broadcasts an 8 Hz signal that effectively neutralizes harmful EMF radiation
its bio field interaction promotes regulation of biochemical, cellular and neurological processes through low-frequency healthy electromagnetic fields using an active radiant source creates a portable disruptive field for EMF protection for you and your family

The product provides electromagnetic massage on the targeted area and can stimulate acupuncture and chakra points.  The pulsing magnetic field promotes the body's own regeneration processes and helps: 
  • improve your physical and mental well-being
  • to increase energy and vitality
  • to have a better general mood
Package contains:
  • Portable PEMF Medallion 2.76" (7 cm)
  • User manual
  • Leather cover
  • Wrist wrap
  • USB charging cable

Technical specifications:

  • Diameter: 2.76 inch (7 cm)
  • Battery: Li-ion, 500 mAh, rechargeable, lasts 4-5 days under normal usage*
  • Net weight: 0.13 lb (0.06 kg)
  • Frequency: 8 Hz

*Normal usage: 2 to 3 times a day, 10 to 20 minutes at a time.