O2 Ring Wearable Oxygen Monitor

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O2Ring Oximeter
Continuous Ring Oxygen Monitor
sleep with peace of mind medical-grade oxygen monitor vibrates silently when low oxygen levels or abnormal heart rates are detected.
Intuitive Report Reveals Health Insights
Our app provides users with detailed analysis and records of overnight blood oxygen levels, heart rates, and body movements. It records in 4 second intervals.

Understand Your Hypoxic Events Easily
The report shows how long your oxygen is below 90%; how many times during a night your oxygen drops over 4%. You can also zoom into the chart to see more details, such as the exact value when dropping happens.

Export Your Data
Export detailed reports in PNG (picture) or CSV, easily share with your doctor for analyzing purposes.

Customize Your Vibration
You can turn off the alarming function or adjust the intensity of vibration separately for the oxygen level and heart rate. You can also set your own threshold on the smartphone.