Myst - Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Humidifier

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The Myst is truly the most advanced humidifier ever created, Designed to make every moment of your experience comfortable and stress-free. Developed by Miko, your environment will stay perfectly humidified, calm, and stress-free, for many many years to come. The best investments in life, are investments in yourself. Miko Ultrasonic Humidifier with Cool and Warm Mist Enhanced water filtration provides clean humidity that is safe to breathe while delivering cool and warm mist based on comfort levels.
The humidifier lasts up to 40 hours with a 1.2-gallon water tank and covered rooms as large as 540 square feet. Ideal for large rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, homes, offices, and dorms. Easy to Clean and Patented No Leak Design, Simply detach the top water tank with a built-in handle to clean and add water. Auto-Mode Operation Smart humidity function senses the humidity in a room and allows you to select a preferred level tailored to your comfort level.
Dimensions: 12" l x 7" w x 7" h

Weight: 4 lb