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Verve Culture

Moroccan Kilim Slippers

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Like snowflakes or fingerprints, no two pairs of these Kilim House Slippers from Verve Culture™ are alike. Each pair varies in color and pattern.

Style: The Moroccan Kilim Slippers are produced in the pointed Arab style that took Parisian fashion houses by storm in the 17th century.

Substance: Kilim, a Turkish flat-woven style of textile, was first popularized by rugmakers across the Mediterranean and Middle East centuries ago.

Moroccan textile Kilim rugs are among the most vivid in all the world. The wool is dyed with natural dyes, resulting in extremely varied designs and colors. These slippers are made of these vintage rugs, so each pair has a deep sense of history. The insoles are made with strong but soft goat leather to provide the perfect balance between comfort and durability. These slippers will only get better with time, as they mold to the shape of your foot.

Size: Women's Medium (US 7-8)

Please note: Sizes may vary due to hand-made nature of artisan work. Also, due to the leather material, the slippers will get larger because they will stretch out over time.

Care: Indoor use only. Spot clean with damp cloth.