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Intelligent Change

Mindful Focus Hourglass - 30 Minutes

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Life can often pull us in many directions, having us bounce between one distraction and the next. This is why we created Mindful Focus Hourglass - to help you make time for what is important.
Turn it over and complete that task you've been delaying, or to have that meaningful, uninterrupted, device-free conversations. These focused 30 minutes may just change your life.
  • Think of the task you need to finish or something you have been meaning to do, something you care about, but haven’t been able to find time for.
  • Turn the timer over and spend the next 30 minutes focusing on your chosen task or activity.
  • Repeat as necessary. Use your Mindful Focus Hourglass any time you feel like you could use a moment to truly focus. 
Product Details:
  • Hourglass length 30 minutes
  • Made of glass
  • Iridescent sand made from glass beads
  • 100% recycled printed packaging