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Lovevolve Scarf - Blue & White - Cashmere/Modal

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What better way to say “I love you” than with a scarf from LOVEVOLVE®? The unique company was founded on the belief that to LOVE you must EVOLVE and to EVOLVE you must LOVE. Each LOVEVOLVE scarf is adorned with original artwork by Sunny Stack Goode, serves as a visual reminder of love, and is a tool to start conversations about healthy relationships. Sunny's LOVEVOVLE scarves literally wrap your or a loved one in the word “love.” A portion of each sale goes to the One Love Foundation, offering education for healthy relationships.
The scarves are produced using Fair Trade Fabrics. The inks are Azo-free, GOTS (global organic textile standard), and Oeko-Tex certified, completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use, and there is zero waste.
LOVEVOLVE® artwork copyrighted by Sunny Stack Goode
  • 40 x 78 inches with fringed edges
  • 10% Cashmere/90% Modal
  • Machine wash delicate cold, hang dry, light iron