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Kashwere Lounge Socks

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Start your day off on the right foot by slipping into a pair of Kashwére Lounge socks. Lightweight and airy with heathered ribbed detailing, our new Kashwére Lounge Socks are perfect for any weather and will become your new best friend for your feet.

When wearing the delightfully smooth Kashwére Lounge Socks, the cares of the world will fall away. Wear these mid calf length socks alone or pair them with our slippers for added warmth. Do your feet a favor and upgrade to a pair (or three!) of our oh so soft Kashwére Lounge Socks. They also make a fabulous small gift or stocking stuffer for the comfort lovers in your life. Plus, you can pick and choose from a wide variety of colors to suit nearly everyone’s taste. If you’re ready to start romanticizing your daily routine and make the everyday feel extraordinary, treat yourself to a pair of Kashwére Lounge Socks.

About This Product

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Unisex
  • Height: Mid-Calf
  • Material: Kashwére Lounge Yarn
  • Weave: Lightweight
  • Easy Care: Get the feel of cashmere without the fuss