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Kashwére Lounge Slippers

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These are not your grandma’s slippers! With a cozy oversized look and feel, slip into our Closed Toe Kashwére Lounge Slippers and instantly feel enveloped in a delightful, warm hug for your feet.
The Kashwére Lounge Slippers are comfortably casual, yet luxurious for an effortlessly refined feel. Woven with a two-toned heathered finish, these slippers are sleek, oh so soft, and perfect for travel. Customize your warmth by wearing them with or without our signature, Kashwére Socks depending on the weather. These slippers feature a comfortable soft sole, perfect for indoor relaxation. They also make a great gift – if you can bring yourself to part with them. You might want to order an extra pair, you know, just to be safe! So go ahead and treat yourself (or a friend) to everyday luxury with our Kashwére Lounge Slippers.
About This Product
  • Unisex
  • Closed Toe Design
  • Material: Kashwére Lounge Yarn
  • Weave: Lightweight
  • Easy Care: Luxury without the fuss
Fabric & Care
Even our Kashwére accessories boast easy care instructions you can count on. Kashwére’s Lounge yarn is specifically designed to be machine washable and dryable. So yes, that means your new slippers can stay fresh and pristine as a part of your usual laundry routine. Care for your Closed Toe Kashwére Lounge Slippers by machine washing on cold, then simply toss them in the dryer on a shoe rack on low-medium to return them to their original softness – No worries about pilling here! To preserve the product’s longevity, do not iron or bleach.