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BlanQuil Weighted Blanket

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This deluxe weighted blanket from BlanQuil provides deep touch stimulation to promote soothing calm and relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that using a weighted blanket while you sleep reduces movement in the night, which increases the time you spend in your deep, rejuvenating sleep cycles.

Deep touch stimulation, or deep pressure therapy, is that soothing feeling you get when you are hugged, cuddled, or held by a loved one. Humans seek and offer the comfort of deep touch stimulation every day in times of stress and love, such as getting massages and cuddles, swaddling babies, feeling the gentle pressure of slipping into a warm bath, or simply putting an arm around someone in distress.

The blanket features a machine-washable ultra-soft micro plush cover and eco-friendly glass beads distributed evenly across the blanket. For couples or large beds, a set of two is recommended.


  • A deluxe ultra-soft micro plush cover that is removable, machine washable, and dryer-friendly.
  • 77 independent baffles that keep the eco-friendly glass beads distributed evenly across your body. It is well tailored and can be used without the cover in warmer months. High-strength, reinforced ties are found inside the duvet system, creating 8 connection points to reduce shifting.
  • Multiple color options to match any style preference or décor.
  • Perfectly balanced for a single user. For couples or large beds, a set of two is recommended.


  • Dimensions: 48” x 74”
  • Weight options: 15lb
  • Micro-plush Cover: Removable. Machine wash and dry.
  • Weighted Beads: Eco-Friendly Glass