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Beekman 1802

Beekman 1802 Hand Cream, 2oz

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These 2oz hand creams from Beekman 1802 are made from goat milk and provide lasting hydration for the skin. Choose from three varieties:

Honey and Orange Blossom: This floral scented cream is rich in goat milk and shea butter, ensuring lasting moisture, and is laced with gentle botanical notes to give hydrating relief to dry hands.

Fig Leaf: Beekman’s rich, velvety formula with notes of sweet fig nectar, fig wood, and fig leaves will awaken dry, weary hands, enriching them with a crisp autumn moisture.

Pure Goat Milk: Simple pleasures don’t get much better than this simple yet effective fragrance-free formula, which combines botanical extracts with softening goat milk to moisturize skin for a pure hydration. Perfect for sensitive skin.